True up petition 2016-17  
  RMU Specification  
  True up Order 2015-16  
  Tariff order 2017  
  True up order 2014-15  
  True up petition 2015-16  
  DSM petition  
  Cost Data Petition 2016-17  
  True up order 2013-14  
  Public Hearing on True up petition 2014-15 of TCED  
  cost data applicable to Thrissur Municipal Corporation, for the purpose of recovery of expenditure under Section 46 of the Electricity Act, 2003.  
  New Tariff Order  
  True up order 2012-13  
  TRUE UP 2013-14  
  ARR & ERC 2015-16,2016-17, 2017-18  
  Conditions for One time settlement Scheme  
  Interim Order dated 20 .11. 2014 Cost Data  
  Arr-2014-15 Order of KSERC  
  Conditions for license  
  Tariff regulation 14-11-14  
  ARR & ERC07-08  
  ARR & ERC of Thrissur Corproation 2013-14  
  ARR & ERC order Thrissr Corpn-2011-12  
  ARR & ERC order Thrissr Corpn-2011-12  
  ARR & ERC Thrissr Corpn-2012-13  
  Duty act1963_a  
  FOR Model SOP Regulations  
  KESC for website 31.01.2014  
  The Electricity Act_2003  
  Truing up 2006-07 to 2010-11-Thrissur Corporation  
  Truing up 2011-12-Thrissur Corporation